STICKY INK STUDIOS LTD. Terms & Conditions

Company Registration: 08355994

VAT Registration: 230395134

By entering into a business agreement with Sticky Ink Studios Ltd, you (the buyer) agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Pricing and Terms
    • Quotes
      All quotes are valid for 28 days from the date of the quote. Any alterations may incur price changes which will be reflected in a new or updated quote, and all quotes are made subject to the terms and conditions of sale. Please note that sometimes accurate shipping costs cannot be calculated until final production is complete so an approximate shipping cost will be quoted and is subject to change.

      All quotes are valid only for the parameters laid out within the quote. If quantities, print colours, print sizing or print placements are altered from the original quote, then price increases may be incurred to factor in any alterations. Alterations to quotes may also result in delayed production times.

    • Pricing
      All prices quoted are in Pounds Sterling and may be subject to change, we will inform you of any price changes prior to processing your order. Any pricing structures seen in general pricelists and/or on our website may differ if your order requires express service (see section 4), express delivery or is bespoke outside of normal ranges. Stock or delivery issues may also cause an increase in price, of which you will be informed before your order is confirmed.
    • Pricing Errors
      If, by genuine mistake, we have underpriced an item or service we will not be liable to supply that item to you at the stated price provided that we inform you of the error before collection or shipping. Any pricing errors will be notified at the earliest possible opportunity.
  2. Payment Terms
    • Payments
      We can accept payment in the form of cash, cheque, BACS, Paypal, Direct Debit or all major credit and debit cards IN PERSON. We currently do not take phone payments.
    • Payment Plans

We are able to offer payment plans for larger bills via or Direct Debit/GoCardless. These payment plans will have terms agreed prior to order acceptance and are a binding contract. They are also subject to a minimum of 5% charge of the overall bill total.

  • Deposits
    Please note that, unless otherwise agreed or on supply of your own garments, ALL orders will be subject to a minimum of 25% deposit.
  • Outstanding Balances
    If an account or payment is overdue without prior contact and confirmation from Sticky Ink Studios, we reserve the right to apply up to a 15% single debt charge and standard statutory interest per day. We also reserve the right to forward any outstanding accounts to a reputable debt collection agency to deal with the matter on our behalf.  
  1. Ordering
    • Orders
      Once an order has been placed, you can either provide your own visual proof or we will produce and send one to you if you do not have your own. This proof shows what will be printed and scaling is an approximate guideline. You are entitled to 2 revisions/changes free of charge to this visual. Further changes may be charged at up to £10 per revision. This visual must be checked carefully as all responsibilities of approving a proof lie with you.
      Once the proof has been agreed by yourself it is classed as final. Extra charges may be applied if you choose to make further changes to the final approval. The order will not proceed until you have approved the final proof.
                    The order begins processing immediately after the final proof approval and although we try to accommodate alterations or cancellations (see section 5.1) to an order we cannot guarantee we will be able to. At this point you may be liable for the full order price.
    • Production Timescales

Production times are agreed at the time of ordering and can vary. As a general rule, turnaround time is set at 1 to 2 working weeks unless otherwise agreed. Please see section 4 in regards to express orders and any fees they may incur.

  • Artwork & Designs
    • Artwork
      Artwork guidelines can be provided on request, these relate to sizing and quality for your chosen placements/product. You agree that if you have produced print ready artwork and supplied it to Sticky Ink Studios Ltd that it complies with these guidelines. If any help is required, contact us.
                      If artwork supplied is not print ready, and therefore not in accordance with our guidelines, we will attempt to recreate it free of charge. If the artwork is complex or requires extensive reworking, we will contact you as there may be a charge for this work. Artwork that does not follow our guidelines will still be printed but may have a lower quality than is expected and print size limitations.
                           You accept full responsibility and confirm that you have provided files that are print ready, or are happy to accept a small charge if reworking is required. You also confirm that we will not be held responsible for poor quality print finishes resulting from sub quality artwork that does not follow our guidelines.

                     If there are specific criteria’s for your order, such as a specific size print or a pantone colour reference, please be aware that these need to be stated during the ordering process.  Failure to provide these details will result in us using our expertise or size limitations when producing your order. (sections 3.3.2 / 3.4.1)


  • Colour Matching
    We provide a free colour matching service for artwork. We do our best to match all colours provided (including pantone referencing), but due to the nature of mixing inks, variance in colours between wet and dry phases, environmental factors and colour conversion, our colour matching is a guideline or best-estimate only, and is not a guaranteed perfect match. We are proud of our accuracy but will not be held liable for any errors in a colour match. We will not refund based on a colour matching error. If you have any doubts about a colour match we recommend ordering a sample prior to the full order.
  • Copyrighted Design/Artwork Disclaimer

We will print artwork you supply to us. When providing artwork you are giving Sticky Ink Studios Ltd full consent to print the artwork/designs. You confirm that the artwork is yours to use and/or free from copyright and trademark infringement. You accept full responsibility in the event of any copyright infringement, and will fully indemnify Sticky Ink Studios Ltd.

                      If artwork is clearly infringing on any copyright and/or trademark that is known, Sticky Ink Studios Ltd reserves the right to reject the artwork. By providing artwork, and upon job approval, you accept this artwork disclaimer in full.

  • Designs Produced By Us

Designs produced on your behalf by us will remain the intellectual property of Sticky Ink Studios Ltd until further agreement is reached/payment of the design has been made to change ownership to you. These designs may not be used in any other form/provided to any other print service without prior written consent or transferral of ownership to yourself.

  • Artwork Usage
    As part of our service, we create visuals – mock ups or design proofs – of your final order to help with the order process, these allow you to see what your final product will look like and are produced before the printing process takes place. We also photograph final products we produce. We may at times use these visuals which include your logos and artworks on websites, social media or marketing promotions for Sticky Ink Studios Ltd. They may also be used as case study examples. Unless otherwise requested during the ordering process, you agree to our usage of this material.
  • Sizing
    • Artwork Sizing

Artwork will be sized to match the garment and print position using our standard sizing guide unless specific sizes are provided during the ordering process. Please be aware that due to the nature of the printing processes there may be some slight size variation from any specific sizes mentioned. This variation is usually minimal and caused by contraction/expansion of materials/inks.

  • Garment Sizing

Garment sizes can vary from brand to brand. All catalogue listed sizes can be provided on request, these are manufacturer given sizes and can vary slightly from garment to garment.  

  • Stock Variations
    We order blank stock (clothing/garments/products) from wholesale distributors for customisation. All sizes and colours quoted are not under our control, and we cannot be held responsible for colour variations from screen to actual product, not can we be held responsible for sizing issues. Orders of garments are placed at your own risk, and samples/swatches should be obtained before a full order if specific criteria must be met.
    In addition, vinyl stock is also obtained from wholesalers and again, we cannot be held responsible for variations in colours between screen imagery and the finished product. Again, sample or swatch is recommended if specific criteria is needed.
  • Stock Replacements

At times some stock is unavailable from our wholesalers due to shortages or miscalculation in production. If your order has a specific deadline and restock from distributers would not be available in time for completion, we will offer you a replacement option. We will always aim to find an alternative product in the same quality/price range as your original order, but cannot always guarantee this and a price increase to your order may be required. We will inform you prior to this.

  • Print Only

With our print only service you understand that you provide your garments to us at your own risk. It is your responsibility to account for quantity/sizes of each garment and for their safe delivery to us. We will not be held responsible for any garments lost in transit to us. In addition, we do recommend supplying an additional garment for your order to allow for a test print in the printing technique you require.

              We work hard to maintain our quality control process but in situations where garments are provided there cannot be a full guarantee.  If you are supplying the garments and there are problems with the print/damage to the garments due to printing, but are not related to the print quality, we will not be held responsible for any garment cost.  At the point, you accept up to a 10% spoilage rate where we are not responsible for the costs of damage/loss due to printing and/or customisation. The compensation/refundable amount for each garment outside of the 10% spoilage rate will be set at a maximum of £5.00.

    • When supplying your own goods for printing/customisation, any deadline stated is an approximation as Sticky Ink Studios Ltd cannot guarantee a set deadline until goods are received and inspected.
    • Any missing goods will result in delayed production timescales, as jobs cannot commence or be completed until all goods are received.
    • Sometimes factors unknown can complicate/null an order when garments are supplied. Although we provide a quote, if upon receiving the goods we deem them unsuitable for the printing process, we reserve the right to cancel and/or refund your order.
    • We will always do our best to meet deadlines and complete orders, but in the case of print only orders you understand that the order may be cancelled upon receipt of the goods. You also understand that the deadline will be confirmed when the goods physically arrive for printing and not before.
    • Alterations to any job in which a quote has been provided are subject to price increases. Please see section 1.1 for details.
    • Shipping
      All shipping is based on approximate quotes for your order, due to the fact shipping depends on the overall volumetric weight of the shipment. All prices include VAT and insurance where applicable and are with reputable courier services. We will inform you of your delivery date as soon as possible, and provide a tracking number when it is available. If a shipment is delayed or lost for a reason beyond our control, we are not liable but we will endeavour to retrieve a refund and/or compensation from the courier service, which will then be passed to you. We need to be informed of any lost shipment within 24 hours.
    • Title

Full title in the Goods shall remain vested in Sticky Ink Studios Ltd until we receive payment in full. We reserve the right to sell any rejected goods unless specifically instructed by you not to at the order stage.

  1. Express Orders
    • Express orders are deemed any processing time that is below 1 working week. Any orders placed with a turnaround providing less than 1 working week will incur the following charges:
  • 48 Hours or under – 20% of the total order value
  • 2-5 Days – 12% of the total order value

These charges will be fully communicated before the order is agreed. When placing or paying for an order you accept these terms and charges.

  1. Cancellations /Complaints/Returns
    • Cancellations
      Cancellations prior to printing may be subject to a charge due to the fact that we may have already ordered stock, prepared artwork or re-organised the production of other jobs to accommodate your order. Please note that a minimum charge of 15% of the order total will stand. Cancellations made after an order has been completed will be subject to full payment of the order. When placing or paying for an order you accept these terms and charges.
    • Complaints
      We take complaints very seriously and are of course unhappy if we receive one. If you wish to make a complaint or request a reprint/refund then please contact us via email, phone or Facebook private message immediately. Please provide any pictures to help us understand your complaint and any contact information you can provide, i.e. Email address, telephone, delivery address.

    • Returns
      It is your responsibility to check the visual proof thoroughly to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors, that colours and print sizes are as accurate as possible and you are happy with the overall layout. We will print as close to the visual as possible so please ensure you check it properly. Please note, as previously stated (sections 3.3.2 / 3.4.1) it is important you provide any specific sizing and/or colour details for your order, if you do not we will use our expertise to complete your order and you will accept this in full. Please note that sometimes the visual displayed on your screen of the design or garment colour may differ slightly from the final production.
      If the final products are not as per the visual layout or if there are faults with the printing material or garments, we will offer a full reprint without question. If a full reprint is unacceptable for you we can offer a full or partial refund depending on the nature of your specific circumstances and on return of all misprints/faulty garments.
      Full refunds are only applicable to your order if we have been allowed an opportunity to resolve the problem. All prints are allowed a degree of design variance due to varying fabric and garment materials. If the issue is beyond the obvious or the garments are clearly the issue we may require garments to be sent back to the wholesaler for review or replacement. In the event of this, the wholesalers decision is final, but we will do everything we can to remedy the problem and ensure you are satisfied.

                    PLEASE NOTE: With ANY errors to your order you must inform us within 48 hours of receiving the items by either email, telephone or Facebook private message. You must advise us what the problem is and submit photos to evidence your problem or complaint. Sticky Ink Studios Ltd will not accept any returns without prior agreement.

                    In the event of returned items, you are liable for the cost of all returns. If samples are ordered for sizes, colours and/or testing purposes and the order is changed to not include these items, unless otherwise agreed, you will be charged a 15% restocking and all costs of delivery/return/collection.
                    If you are using our print only service and have provided garments then cancel or change an order, it is your responsibility to claim the clothing you have supplied us. We will hold supplied garments for 30 days, after which point the stock will be disposed of via charitable methods.
                    If we provide you with a discount as a form of compensation, the discount is valid for 3 months from the date of the message/email. When you have a problem with your order we will go to the end of the world to remedy the situation and make you happy.

  2. Communication/Privacy Policy
    • Communication Policy
      When contacting Sticky Ink Studios Ltd in any format and submitting a quote, query and/or order you agree that a team member will contact you to assess your printing needs. We may send you occasional emails about offers, promotions or other company information. We will never share any of your details with a third party. By contacting us you accept and agree to this communication policy and the below privacy policy.
    • Privacy Policy

The policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations & requirements of the users, the website and website owners. Furthermore the way this website processes, stores and protects user data and information will also be detailed within this policy.

The Website


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