Sticky Ink started in 2013 with one printing press and a plucky attitude to bring affordable screen printing services to everyone.

You want to learn more about us than that? Ok! Here we go…

Since then we’ve grown into a bigger building, multiple manual printing presses, heat presses and large format printers. With a combined experience of around 30 years in printing we like to think we know what we’re doing. If you want to see some of our work and what we offer then head over to the services page for a bit more info.

We specialise in garment printing – but don’t let that pigeon hole you!  Over the years we’ve also printed on weirder things like umbrellas, kitbags and yoga mats to name a few. (Don’t mention the Y-fronts…it was an odd day)

Oh, and did we mention our main customer base is professional wrestlers? Yes, you read that right – Professional. Wrestlers. Unusual we know, but someones got to do and we’re the lucky team that helps them out. It’s fantasically varied and a lot of fun…although 95% of the jobs are printed on black tees so we go a bit bananas when we get to print on coloured shirts instead!

Theres a list of some of the wrestlers we’ve worked with below if you want to expand it.

Some of the wrestlers and promotions we've worked with:

Mark Andrews - Flash Morgan - Wild Boar - Pete Dunne - Chris Brookes - Eddie Dennis - Trent Seven - Walter - Lykos - Tyler Bate - Rikishi - Flying Mike Bird - Beano - The Hunter Brothers - Dean Allmark - The Anti-fun Police - CCK - British Strong Style - Grado - The Aussie Boys - Danny Jones - Kurtis Chapman - Mark Haskins - Splits & Pins - Nico Angelo - Elijah - Clint Margera - Besties - WRKHRSE Brendan - Subculture - Eddie Ryan - Titan - Juba

Chikara - Defend Indy Wrestling - Attack Pro - Pro Wrestling Chaos - Southside Wrestling - FCP - Riptide Wrestling - Catch 22 - Dragon Pro - Revolution Pro - SPLX

If you like the wrestling scene we recommend you check out the local wrestling promotions, they’re all such amazing people. And definitely Defend Indy Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos and New Wave Wrestling Academy.

We love printing and will always aim to help a customer out no matter what

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Manual Press

Manual presses allow for printing on more unusual items, check out these super colourful Hawaiian shirts for example!

Mixing ink is a messy and delicate business, but it sure looks good when it’s done.


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We’re currently just a small team of two, of which you can find out a bit more about below if you really want to. But we intend to expand in the near future.

We run manual carousels with no intention of changing to automatics any time soon…we just love that hand-finished touch. Although on long print runs Stewart’s arms might not agree.

It’s also fun to note that we mix all of our ink by hand in house – all with our trusty spatulas and weighty pantone book – from all the spatula work it also makes us exceptionally good at mixing cakes.

We take the print industry and it’s impact on the environment very seriously, and try to do what we can to limit our personal impact, you can read more about what we do over at the environmental page.

So anyway, if you hadn’t guessed by now… screen printing is our main skill. Our bread and butter. Our passion. But we also print in vinyl and sublimate a little bit. We also have a really good relationship going with a local embroidery company we know so if you need your design stitched instead of printed, we can point you to the right guys.

If you want to learn more about us as individuals…keep scrolling down.


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Aimee is the one you speak to for graphics or admin, she plods through the day surviving almost entirely on cups of tea (made by Stewart, milk & 2 sugars please). Shes always happy designing bits and pieces and loves to work on one off pieces for special occasions!

She started off in the animation trade, has worked in the circus…literally…and has turned her hand to illustration and graphic design amongst other things.

Learn more about us - Stewart



Stewart has been printing for a good number of years and has the arm strength of 3 oxen, seriously though, his arms are pretty strong from being on the printing press for at least 8 hours a day. If you walk in the studio and he’s playing 50s rockabilly, it’s a good day. If you walk in and he’s playing heavy metal…probably best to speak to Aimee.

He started off as a signwriter, working for some of the biggest sign companies in Cardiff. Believe it or not, he was also once a chef in a pub, so Aimee expects good lunches.


If you're interested in working with us or want to get a quote, just click the button below - we'd love to hear from you!